Wheat Flour type 2

Wheat Flour type 2 stone ground 1 Kg. “Rabellotti Stefano Farm”

Suitable for preparing bread, pizza and desserts.


PRODUTTORE: Rabellotti Stefano Farm

REGIONE:   Piemonte

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 Wheat Flour type 2

Rabellotti Stefano Farm cultivates wheat in Galliate land (NO) and produces only flour type 1, type 2 and whole wheat, all stone ground.
Through stone ground , whole grain is ground without eliminatimg any parts. So flour are more nutrient and balanced compared to industrial flour. The main feature of stone ground is ground the whole grain with a low machining speed,
preserving the nutritional properties.
Stone ground flours contain valuable wheat germ and fibers which will be lost with process of industrial refinement.

Characteristics for use.

Wheat Flour type 2 responds to the need to offer healthy and nutritionally valuable products, above all easy to work.
This type of flour is recommended for the production of homemade bread, short leavening pizza or other products
by kneading with sour pasta.But it can also be taken in consideration for preparing hydrated dough, for pizza to the blade or baking pan, with medium or long-medium leavening time and for many others bread-making recipes with an homemade dough.
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In particular our Wheat Flour type 2 can be used, as the case, also for preparing cakes, tarts, biscuits and for many others pastry making.

Besides it’s suitable for preparing fresh pasta with or without egg, in particular for production of stuffed pasta or gnocchi.

Especially suitable for cracker, grissini homemade bread, sandwiches and small pizzas by now forgotten flavor, Whear Flour is the ideal product for making bread and appetizers with distinct rustic flavor.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 1 kg
Dimensioni 12 × 6 × 15 cm


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