“la rustica” artisanal tomato puree gr 500 ” IContadini”

Pulpy and red sauce with the flavor of fresh tomatoes. The only ingredients are tomatoes and basil.


Produttore: iContadini

Regione:  Puglia

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“la rustica” artisanal tomato puree.

Tomato puree is produced by hand as our grandmother made, blanched and ground, and only adding salt and basil it is sterilized in bain-marie withouth using additives.

We grow directly with the technique of integrated production, over twenty hectares of open field vegetables, such as
san marzano and cherry tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, sweet and hot peppers, artichokes and more.

Why choose “I Contadini” products.

 . Short chain and integrated production
. Artisanal product completely hand cultivated
. 100% Made in Italy product
. Drying of the vegetables in the sun
. Product withouth use of additives.
. Authentic taste and flavors
. Wide selection of sets from gr.212 to large sets of gr.3100
. Excellent value for money.

raccolta pomodoriThis tomato puree originates from product cultivated in open fields from April to May.
The harvest is eclusively by hand in July and in August, when open it gives off the smell of Southern Italy!


“I Contadini” farm , today led by the third generation of young people, is born in one of the most suited land for vegetables
farming, Puglia, more precisely Salento, the so-called land of “sun, sea, wind”.
Some exemplary corporate data:

Farm surface : 250.000mq
Covered surface : 800mq
Large square surface :5.000mq
Drying surface : 34.000mq
Growing surface : 200.000mq

Particular climatic conditions of this land, with sun almost all year round, soil composition and influence of the sea,
allow to obtain excellent tomatoes and all vegetables production.

I Contadini Farm grows directly with integrated production, over twenty hectares of open field vegetables, like san marzano tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, sweet and hot peppers, artichokes and more.

Many vegetables are dried in the sun of “Salento” to remove excess water and to preserve all organoleptic and nutritional qualities.
Then there is the preserve process without adding additives.

Products are preserved in olive oil and reciped in a simple way in order to discover flavors of homemade preserves.

Drying vegetables in the sun is an ancient practice now almost totally resigned, but even if difficult and delicate, it allows to obtain
a great result : pulp softness, preservation of vitamins, proteins and minerals of vegetables, harmonious and recognizable flavor profile.

Pills culture tomato.

The queen of preserves the rustic tomato sauce, which keeps busy in the summer so many women (and men) in Italy. If one wanted to describe a perfume this summer would be just what the tomato bake with basil. The first to want to keep the smell of summer working tomatoes were the peasants of Parma, who used sun-dried tomatoes, producing the so-called “blacks bread” because of the clouds of flies that were created.passata di pomodoro e basilico But the first tomato canning industry was born in the home and the pizza sauce, in Naples, with the entrepreneur Francesco Cirio. While in the South it did the “peeled”, Parma and Piacenza were made known to the world by producing “concentrated.” Past or tomato sauce is obtained directly from fresh ripe tomatoes, for pressing and eventual separation of the skins and seeds. The Italian legislation (Official Journal no. 232 of October 5, 2005) states that the past must be made from 100% of fresh tomatoes and that the only added ingredients allowed are salt, basil and citric acid. It is used especially in the kitchen for preparing sauces that require limited cooking.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 1 kg
Dimensioni 6 × 6 × 20 cm

1lb 1.64oz, 2.0 kg


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