filetti di acciughe di Sciacca

Fillets of Sciacca Anchovies

Anchovies fillets in sunflower seed oil from Sciacca 212 gr.jar


ribecca giuseppe acciughe di sciaccaORIGIN:

Fisher caught in the Mediterranean Sea FAO area n.37.


Anchovy fillets (engraulis encrasiscolusu), sunflower seed oil.


Specialized in the fish marketing, with its experience gained over time, farm chooses the Best caught in Mediterranean Sea’s hot waters, in order to ensure its customer a product of excellent quality.
Anchovies and sardines are processed fresh in the day to keep themselves longer and to preserve smells and flavours of fresh fish, which guarantees a superior quality product on out table.

Ingredients used are: olive oil, sunflower oil and sea salt of First quality.

 This  producer,known all over the world,is appreciated for his knowledge in the field,refined taste,seriousness, professionalism and for his kindness.


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Peso 0.2 kg
Dimensioni 7 × 7 × 10 cm