If you arrived here today, first of all you deserve to know at least something concrete about us and about what there was behind FLAVOURITA project.

I hope all that you will find, read and learn is what I set the day that I had this idea.

Because everything is the brainchild, or if you want a dream, and if you take a look to the site sections you will find it developed and concretized.

I met in Flavourita.com some of the great food excellence that our country is able to produce, unique and genuine good, made with

experience and goodness that selected companies are able to produce, but too often these goods are not easily found, due to the restricted market and to the artisan company size. It has not been a simple operation , a lot of search on line has been necessary

as well as opinions and criticisms of the experts, consumer reviews, personal impressions and instincts.

Flavourita project will not stop selling great italian food but it will continue expanding food tourism with chefs collaboration for recipes and a network creation satisfying your desire to know ITALIAN FINE FOOD AND BEVERAGE world.

But one thing at a time. Starting slowly with your help, criticism and cooperation, this idea will be a great idea with various tentacles and branches.

The route

Assortment of colorful spices in the wooden spoons on the white background.


My name is Cristian, I’m almost 45 years old (even if I tend to forget it), one day I had this beautiful idea, that is channel my greatest passions in one project. All started on any day, I had free time for my thoughts and I took the lead in ordering things to eat through

website.So I began to look for some website worthy of being watched. I was interested in good tomato puree, good pasta, rice etc.

but soon I realized that where I found one thing, I didn’t find the other. Do you know how difficult register at different sites only to order one thing and repeat several times operations?? No No, so do not go, I told myself.

After thinking for a few days, I called Vittorio (Doctor Vittorio Fidotta). I know him and his team for a few years and I have an immense esteem. After some days we met in their web agency in Turin and thanks to their collaboration we began to work about this complex beautiful idea.

After some months we arrived at the end of a complex assembly work, research and put on line Flavourita. Maybe I ‘m wrong.

we arrived just to a new beginning, a point from which starting with new idea, always with smiling eyes and passion for what you do.

it seems only right to thank people who allowed me to get here, in particular Web’s boys Vittorio and Sebastiano,

precisely because I had a direct contact with them and with staff members who worked behind the scenes.

Thanks to my partner , who tolerated my engagements, my time not for her, anyway she supported me.

Thanks to my daughters, with their enthusiasm against me everytime I spoke of Flavourita project, and thanks to my sister,

for her time spent in translating.

In conclusion, Thanks to my father who, for the first time I believe, after several years, believed me and helped me in restructuring food warehouse.